Student is Killed Near UK Campus

During a Saturday night party at the Royal Lexington's Courtyard, a fight broke out. Police say 19-year-old Nicholas Holmes of Dayton, Ohio, was partying with friends, when the group got into an argument, which lead to a fight.

Someone butted Holmes in the head, causing serious trauma, and eventually, death. Noah M. McDaniel was also assaulted at that party. The assailant punched him in the nose, but his injuries were minor.

This weekend’s incident isn't isolated though; it’s only the first in a sting of crimes on UK's campus. Police say two men also tried to rob two UK students at an intersection.
According to one of the victims, Ken Osborne, two men came and tapped on his car window. When he rolled it down, they asked for the time. Before he and his friend could say anything, one of the men pulled out a gun. As Osborne tried to get away, he was shot in his right thigh. He was treated and is now recovering.

Police have taken reports from two other students who say they were robbed. All this crime in such a short period of time has officers working around the clock to step up security efforts. A spokesman from the UK Campus Police says increased patrols and extra shifts will begin immediately.