Legislators' Hopes Part 2

Representative Brent Yonts, of Greenville, has filed around a dozen bills. One of his big pushes involves coal mine legislation.

"It increases the number of inspections. It requires the use of a gas detector by all those in the mines, a big item. It requires an efficient way of getting people out of the mines in the event of an injury," said Representative Yonts.

If there is an injury, Representative Yonts bill would also require two medical technicians to be on duty underground in the mines at all times.

Representative Jim DeCesare says he wants to eliminate the assessment portion of the writing portfolios for fourth graders.

Students across the Commonwealth work on portfolios from kindergarten to 12th grade. They're assessed in the fourth grade, a year in middle school, and a year in high school.

Representative DeCesare says fourth graders need to be focused on learning the basics, rather than worrying about being assessed.

"Many teachers will tell you that they spend about 90% of their time on portfolios, but it only makes up 10 or 11 percent of the assessment," said Representative DeCesare.

Representative DeCesare says when portfolios are assessed in middle and high school that's more of a true test of what students know.

House Speaker Jody Richards is sponsoring House Bill One, which would restore all of the items vetoed from the budget by Governor Ernie Fletcher.

Speaker Richards says most of them are important university projects. He says these projects do not involve frills.

"They're all important, most of them were to be paid for with money from the institution itself," said Speaker Richards.

Representative Sheldon Baugh represents Logan and Todd counties.
He says he wants to work on securing additional funding for the Logan Todd Water Commission.

"To ease some of the high interest rates they have and the high water bills that we have in our district," said Representative Baugh.

Representative Baugh says he also has several road projects that he wants to work on in those two counties.

For more information on what your local legislators are working on you can log onto http://www.kentuckyvotes.org/