Welcomed Solicitors?

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You may have seen people asking for donations this week at the corner of 31W and Broadway in Bowling Green.

Some of you called us asking if the group was legit and city workers we spoke to say they've answered plenty of calls themselves.

"They're following the rules and they seem nice enough," said Officer Jerry Corbitt, with the Bowling Green Police Department.

Corbitt explained the rules for soliciting donations.

"As long as you don't stop the flow of traffic, step out onto the road, you know, bang on windows, you are OK," Corbitt said.

But some drivers we spoke to are wondering how the city of Bowling Green allows people to solicit donations on street corners.

We asked David Lyne, the man in charge of giving them a license to be here, the very same question.

"There again, they're not selling anything and if they have a recognition letter from the IRS, we feel that's proof enough that it is non-profit," Lyne said.

City Attorney Gene Harman has heard the complaints too but said it's difficult for the city to change the ordinance because the law sees sidewalks as open to solicitation due to First Amendment rights.

We tried to talk to International Ministries, who were collecting donations for battered women and children but they declined an interview on camera.

The license manager in Bowling Green said the non-profit group was registered to be here Thursday and Friday, Feb. 15 and 16.

International Life Ministries is registered with the city and solicit in Bowling Green often.

We found out their non-profit ID from the IRS is registered in Indiana.