Businesses Boom with Tennessee Lottery

After months of anticipation, the Tennessee Lottery is finally here. At 12:01 Tuesday morning, Tennessee introduced the first phase of its new lottery, with a variety of scratch-off tickets. Already, they're hot sellers.

Tennessee residents poured into gas stations by the dozens Tuesday, ready to try out the new games and hopefully take home some cash.

Bo's Stop and Go in Portland has been so busy, its cashiers haven't had a chance to stop and catch their breath. Already, they're getting return customers, eager to cash in on their winnings... and buy more tickets.

Many Tennessee residents we spoke to say it's about time they had their own lottery... and they're expecting good things for Tennessee, especially as far as the economy and education is concerned. In fact, Bo's Stop and Go reported its highest indoor sales on Tuesday, due in part to the start of the lottery.

For now, scratch-offs are the only games available, but Tennessee will add other options as time passes. Until then, many people say they will continue to drive across the border to play Kentucky's Pick Three and Powerball.