Global Warming

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Dr. Micheal Trapasso is an applied climatologist who deals with weather and climate and how it affects society in general.

"Each year is significantly warmer than it has been in the recent past,"
Trapasso said.

Trapasso also said the facts are the facts and records are there to show an increase in temperature, and that the overall season change can not be directly correlated with global warming.

"These variations within a season, these are expected and to me don't really don't indicate the climate warming," Trapasso said.

He also feels that greenhouses are contributing to the overall problem.

"Greenhouses gases I feel pretty certain are making the problem worse and perhaps accelerating the issue, but to say one hundred percent that that is the only thing going on or this one thing that everything pivots on - these are some strong statements."

And of course Trapasso knows there is always going to be opposition on issues like these.

"And some of the opposition is personal interest I mean environmentalist groups have their scientist, oil companies have their scientist so you will always have some controversy," Trapasso said.

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