Sex Offenders Online

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Your children probably log on to the Internet everyday but do they know who they're talking to?

The fact of the matter is anyone can be on the Internet.

David Dunn is a detective at the Bowling Green Police Department and helps track sex offenders.

Dunn said a lot of the websites out there don't require you to register your true identity.

"So you can make up a new identity completely and you can interact with people and the people you're interacting with will think you're some other person than who you really are,” Dunn said.

Anyone 14 or older can use the website This is where we found several sex offenders from the Warren County area.

"Not everyone on the sex offender registry is a pedophile but there are pedophiles listed on the registry,” Dunn said.

Dunn also said some sex offenders on these websites may be on there legitimately, especially since it's not illegal for them to be online.

Officials with announced in December that they were using a national sex offender registry to help detect online predators. Kentucky is also cracking down.

Senate Bill 65 would require registered sex offenders to give police their Internet identities.

This would also allow you to view that information on the Kentucky sex offender registry.

Dunn said this means parents will have to do their homework.

"Just because your on or or one of these other websites, you're still going to need to know who your children are talking to,” Dunn said.

Senate Bill 65 did pass the Senate last Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2007, and is now waiting to be voted on in the House.

If the bill passes, sex offenders who fail to register their online identities could be slapped with a class "D" felony for their first offense and a class "C" felony for their second offense.

To view the Kentucky Sex Offender Registry, click here. And to view the Kentucky Votes website to see current legislation, click here.

To see the new security measure is enforcing against sex offenders, click here.