WKU Professors Concerned How Budget Cuts Will Affect Academics

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Western Kentucky University's Faculty Senate expressed concern and anxiety over forthcoming budget cuts at their meeting Thursday afternoon.

WKU President Dr. Gary Ransdell reassured faculty members that he and a group of 30 financial advisors representing every college will not cut any funding that directly affects the classroom environment, but did not rule out cuts to research and grant dollars.

Ransdell told the Faculty Senate he is looking towards policy changes as a major push to come up with the additional $2.3 million in one-time funding the university must refund to the state by the end of June.

Professors are upset because the majority of budget cuts/refunds in the last 3 years have come from the extra tuition money brought in by the unexpected and unprojected growth in enrollment. Faculty members are also concerned about where the refund will come from since $2.3 million of the total $5.6 million in cuts will come from this year's budget, which is already seven months into its fiscal year.

Dr. Ransdell told the Faculty Senate he hopes to have a final outline for the cuts within two to three weeks.