WKU Students Anxious Over Budget Cuts

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WKU students are just beginning to learn of the scope and effect of the newly ordered $5.6 million cuts facing the university, and their first reaction is concern.

Students still reeling from a $200 tuition increase this semester say they don't want to face higher rates, and Western's President agrees.

"We're not going to raise tuition just to generate money to send back to Frankfort, that's not what this cut is about," Dr. Gary Ransdell says.

Ransdell briefed the school's Board of Regents at their quarterly meeting on Friday morning. He says most of the money will come from financial policy changes, not personnel moves.

Students seem reassured, but still label the cuts as "unfair" to their education.

Dr. Ransdell is expected to call a special meeting of the Board of Regents to lay out his final budget cut plan within the next two to three weeks.