Fiscal Court To Look at Cuts

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Warren County officials are now spending a bulk of their time trying to come up with the money for State and Federal mandated but unfunded projects.

Magistrate Doc Kaelin said the fiscal court looked at budgets and inflation rates over the past five years to determine the $3 million price tag.

Kaelin said now that the county has to pay for programs such as $1 million a year for Storm Water Management and $150,000 for fingerprinting at the jail, some county-funded programs may be left in limbo.

"We can cut from different departments in order to do that or may have to cut out. There are various things we fund right now and there are a lot of non-profits we fund right now," Kaelin said.

Kaelin also said the fiscal court will not only look at the 2007-2008 budget but will also try to plan for future budgets, since many of the mandated but unfunded expenses are annual.