6 Charged with Dealing 4,800 Pounds of Marijuana

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) -- Federal officials have arrested six people and charged them with hauling 4,890 pounds of marijuana to Kentucky for packaging and sale.

In an affidavit unsealed Friday, Drug Enforcement Administration Brian Bester said agents followed the six men using wiretaps and tracking GPS data through Kentucky and Indiana.

Bester said the men, working as part of a drug trafficking organization, had packaged the marijuana in produce containers for cabbage and onions to help mask the odor given off by the illegal drug.

Arrested were Osvaldo Saldivar Avila, Ricardo Saldivar Avila, Jose Alfredo Zavala, Jose Antonio Mora Pizarro, Rafael Garcia Garcia and Raimundo Ramirez.

All six face charges of possession with intent to distribute and distribution of 1000 kilograms or more of marijuana.

Court records did not list attorneys for the men.

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