Boni Bill Reaction

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Missy Perry, an intake and investigation supervisor for the Bowling Green Office of The Department of Protection and Permanency, attended Boni Frederick's funeral last October, after the social worker was killed while taking a child to visit his biological mother.

"It was very scary and very sad that this happened," said Perry.

Boni's death brought to life the dangers social workers face everyday.

Legislators also saw the risk and decided to take action. Boni's Bill was filed in the Kentucky House of Representatives.

The original bill added 375 new workers to the cabinet and several safety measures.

"They introduced us all having GPS, panic, navigation tools installed in state vehicles and for social workers to take with them personally," said Perry.

However, after the bill made it through the Health and Welfare Committee, Perry says it looked very different.

"They sent up a new amendment that basically abolished all of what they had originally recognized and wanted a legislation research committee formed to discuss the safety issues social workers face everyday," said Perry.

After the bill came out of committee for the second time, it included the Blue Ribbon Panel to discuss those issues, as well as $2.5 million dollars of unallocated funds the cabinet already has.

"We know the risks that are out there. We're living it everyday, so we need action, not a study," said Perry.

Perry says she'd like to see the bill returned to its original form.

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