God Spoke the World Into Existence - Fact or Fiction?

A Western Kentucky University student claims that he has scientific proof that God spoke the world into existence, exactly as is written in the book of Genesis.

Samuel Hunt, 34, said he's documented his theory through a series of experiments compiled in his book "The Law of All That Is."

Hunt said through a phenomenon known as sono-luminesence, light is produced from bubbles when sound is passed through a liquid.

"I want to give Darwin an answer, the world an answer. Everything is contained in Genesis. Now there is mathematical proof that parallels everything in Genesis," Hunt said.

Professor of Psychics and Bio Psychics at WKU, Dr. Wieb Vandermeer, said Hunt's theory is interesting but he doesn't buy it.

"Sam Hunt claims that God created the world, but where does that take us - If God would be speaking everytime there is light," Vamdermeer said.

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