100-Year-Old Goes on Motorcycle Ride

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A lot can happen in 100 years, but if you are Anna Greathouse, the most important thing you can do on your 100th birthday is ride a motorcycle!

That's exactly what Anna did Tuesday on her 100th birthday. A resident at Christian Health Center, Anna has been asking staff members for quite some time to set up the event.

Loretha Withrow, is a staff member at Christian Health Center and close friend of Anna's.

She says, "She said that when she turned 100 she wanted to ride on a motorcycle around the square. We thought she was just playing or just talking. Then when she got closer to 100 she kept saying you told me you would do this."

After leaving from the parking lot of Mariah's, Anna was driven around the square two times. Not even chilly weather and snow could keep her from the ride.

Anna Greathouse says, "I had a good time. Good time. I'm ready to go back now."

When Anna got back to Christian Health Center they had a party that was open to the public.

After teaching in the area for many years many of Anna's former students came out to tell her Happy 100th Birthday and wish her well in the future.