Power of Prayer

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Kara McLaurin took her first drink of alcohol when she was 12 years old. When she was 14, drinking wasn't enough, so she started smoking marijuana. From there, Kara's life continued to get worse. At 15, she was arrested for the first time on fornication charges, runaway charges, truancy and unruly child charges.

But Kara's story doesn't end there. Kara's family practiced tough love. Her dad drug her to church, but when Kara wouldn't get out of the car, her father went inside for help.

He came out with people from the church. They all gathered hands around the vehicle and prayed out loud. Kara was screaming in the car, "Don't pray for me!", because she knew there was power in their prayers and she knew the prayers would affect her. She did not want them to pray for her, to love her.

But they "did" pray for her, and the prayers "did" affect her life.

But not instantly. Kara was taken to court, sent to a holding cell for 30 days, boot camp for 90 and a treatment center in Georgia for nine months. That is where Kara experienced the love of Christ like never before, and for the first time, Kara's change of heart was genuine.

She has been clean from drugs and alcohol for two years, two months. Kara is working at a recovery center helping others with the same addictions she once had.

She is studying sociology and criminology. She wants to dedicate her life to help troubled adolescents.