New Parking Structure at Western Kentucky University

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For years students at Western Kentucky University have complained about the lack of efficient parking on campus. And for years administrators have struggled with how to combat the problem. A new parking structure could be the remedy they've all been looking for.

Betsy Duncan had no idea Western Kentucky University administrators are planning to build a new parking structure. But she thinks it’s a good idea.

Duncan says, "Hopefully provide more parking spaces. Cause I know sometimes I come to class and I drove around for 20 minutes and I just live right down the road.

Western's director of planning, design, and construction says a lot of planning went into the new structure.

Ed West, Director of Planning, Design and Construction, says, "We spent about five months studying the best location. We originally thought we would add on to this structure but a lot of economical reasons we decided that we would go to the location we selected."

Ed West says the architecture in this parking structure- built in the 1970's- isn't very flattering.

West says, Cold, plain, monotone, very dated, but West says the new parking structure that will be built between LT Smith Stadium and Diddle Arena will look so much nicer

West says, "This new parking structure will not be like that. It will be a brick structure and it will closely mimic the look of the new Downing University Center- with exterior facade."

The location is also a high point for sports enthusiasts.

Jolleen Murphy, a WKU student says, "I think it'll make a lot more parking for people that are coming to sporting events."

The new structure will add ample space for students and sports-goers.

West says, "We're looking at a ground level and five floors there and addition to that add two floors later. We will be designing it so we can expand up to seven floors."

That's somewhere between 650 and 800 new spots, enough to take care of some of Western's parking woes.