Dead Man's Curve Will Get Money From the State

Along with the outline for Governor Fletcher's new budget comes some much needed help for the people of Muhlenberg County.

Wednesday, Fletcher announced the state will set aside $113,600 for some immediate improvements to a portion of US 431 near Belton in Muhlenberg County. The stretch is notoriously referred to as "Dead Man's Curve."

After years of accidents and complaints, those voices in Muhlenberg County have been heard by the right people. Now Governor Fletcher says it's time to make some changes for this deadly road. Already, crews have added flashing lights and warning speed signs.
And right now, crews are preparing to remove trees and slice off part of the inside portion of the curve to make it easier to see while driving on the curve. They'll also widen the shoulders and add a new skid resistant surface.

While some residents we spoke with say they're happy about the changes, others say these changes won't be much help until the real problem is solved, straightening out the curve.

That's where federal funds come in. State engineers are developing a plan to completely redesign the dangerous curve, and federal funds are being used to pay for that redesign.
The new plans should be complete by this summer and barring any major delays, reconstruction of the curve could be finished by the summer of 2005.