Budget Cuts Hit Home for K-12

Some area teachers and school administrators are wondering how they'll stretch funds to make ends meet; their concerns stem from Governor Fletcher's new state budget outline.

Primary and secondary education are two areas taking a hit. Under the new proposal, funding for education at this level would remain the same as last year. However, that doesn't allow for inflation, and school districts have been asked to dip into their reserve funds to pay for a lot of their expenses.

Teachers and administrators say that means programs will suffer. Pre-school, ESS, and family resource programs will have to cut back as a result of the new budget, as will teacher training and classroom materials.

The governor's plan also calls for a 1.5 percent pay raise for teachers, the lowest in years. Like other things, that money will have to come from the school's reserve funds. In addition, those teachers are being asked to pay more of their own health care costs, so in the end, some estimate they'll actually be making less.