Hart County Jail Scuffle

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Hart County Jailer Keith Riordan says an incident that's being called a riot was blown out of proportion.

Kentucky State Police were called to the Hart County Jail Saturday night to assist the Sheriff's office with a disturbance. Authorities say over 20 people were in one of the jail's rooms and four of them were fighting.

State police later learned that 33-year-old Roy T. Evans of Dayton started a fight, but the jailer says it never turned into an actual riot. Riordan says order was quickly restored, but three deputy jailers were assaulted during the altercation and one was treated at Caverna Memorial Hospital for a bruised soldier.

Evans is charged with first degree rioting, menacing, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and alcohol intoxication.

When asked how the inmate had access to alcohol, Riordan claims hooch is often made using fermented fruits and vegetables taken from the kitchen or with items snuck in from work release.