Fire Chief Finally Back at Work

After more than two weeks of suspension with pay, Simpson County residents finally have their fire chief back.

In a meeting of the Simpson County Fiscal Court Tuesday, it was finally decided that Curtis Burgett's dismissal as fire chief would be rescinded and he could return to work immediately with all benefits.

However, the initial suspension with pay will stay on the records. The suspension he received for allegedly obtaining a confidential memo illegally.

Simpson County Judge-Executive Jim Henderson says the action of the fiscal court to reinstate Burgett doesn't negate the original disciplinary action to suspend him because he says the actions of Burgett warranted such discipline. He also says some new information came to light during that fiscal court meeting, but won't be shared with the public yet.

Meanwhile, Burgett says he can't quite describe what it means to him to have his job back, and says he thinks the community that stood behind him in protest was one of the big reasons why he was allowed to come back.

Judge Henderson will officially notify Burgett of the decision in writing, and will further explain why the earlier suspension still stands on the record.