Ohio County School Ruling

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Ohio County school officials and members of the Save Our School Committee met Thursday, March 1, 2007, to discuss the future of Horse Branch Elementary School amid septic issues.

The school's 50-year-old septic tank is beginning to cause an environmental hazard.

The danger level of the septic tank prompted school officials to weigh the options of either spending $250,000 for a new system or closing the school in the middle of the year.

Members of the Save Our School Committee and an engineer from the Green River Health Department made recommendations to the board about purchasing a new septic tank.

Save Our School Committee chairman Kenny Autry said the Health Department gave the school the 'okay' to use temporary septic tanks, along with the current one, for the remainder of the school year.

The board will study the proposals for a new septic tank and then call another special session in the future to vote on a new one.