No Decision In Newman Way Battle

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Those wanting a resolution to the Newman Way issue will have to wait another couple of weeks. The Planning and Zoning Commission voted to table the item until its next meeting in two weeks.

Commissioners Tim Huston and Larkin Ritter were told by Planning and Zoning attorney Hamp Moore that they wouldn't be allowed vote on the matter since they failed to attend the three previous meetings regarding the Newman Way situation.

The likelihood of taking a vote became more difficult when Commissioners Hester Whitfield and Bennie Jones didn't attend the meeting.

That left the Commission with only six eligible voters, which is not enough to make a quorum.

Since the Commission has until March 28, 2007, to address the issue they voted in favor of moving the item to its next meeting in two weeks.

"Its extremely frustrating for everyone concerned. Both parties have put a great deal of effort into this and it would have been nice to have seen it resolved this evening," said Chairman of the Friends of Nashville Road.

"We're ready to have it anytime they want to have it. Its just part of the process. Democracy doesn't always work as fast as you would like but it works," said Robert Williams' lawyer, David Broderick.

The two sides are in a dispute over Robert Williams wanting to subdivide his property on the corner of Newman Way and Nashville Road.

The Planning and Zoning Commission will hear the issue on March 15, 2007, during their regularly scheduled meeting.