Education Cuts Effect Family Resource Centers

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Richardsville Elementary School's principal is worried how state budget cuts will impact his school.

Kory Twyman, Richardsville Elementary principal, "All of our programs especially in Warren County but across the state have made a great impact to be able to educate our children around the state and that's why our scores have continued to increase."

Lawmakers say for now mostly higher education will be suffering.

Senator Brett Guthrie, "Because K-12 and Medicaid has been taken off the table as far as immediate cuts. Cutting to make the budget balanced.

"Budget cuts will be effecting education across the state and while they are no longer effecting K-12 education they could be effecting family resource centers like the one here at Richardsville Elementary."

For family resource officer, Gina Hoofer, the cuts would hurt everyone.

Gina Hoofer, Richardsville Elementary family resource officer, "I think it would be a tremendous hardship for the school. In the month of December we had over 900 contacts in the family resource center."

Richardsville's principal agrees.

Kory Twyman, "I think whenever you start cutting programs or cutting out funding that causes major impacts and when you continue to take money away it's hard to continue at the level at which you're used to functioning. You start taking away teachers and you start adding to class sizes and it's just going to be a very difficult transition to make."