Stem-Cell Match Goes to Lexington to Donate

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More than six months ago Troy Warren showed up at a record-breaking bone marrow drive in Bowling Green.

Troy Warren says, "Back in October when Philip Schardein needed a match for him, I went down and filled out a permission slip to be put on the National register as well."

The Daily News Packaging and Distribution manager didn't know then that it would lead him to where he is now.

Warren says, "They called me probably six weeks ago and asked me if I'd like to, I was a possible match. I was in a larger pool, and they asked me if I'd like to continue with it."

Troy agreed to continue and had to undergo more procedures. That's when he found out.

"They came back and told me I was a match for someone here in the U.S. They asked me if I wanted to go farther, so they did physicals and chest X-rays and the whole gamut of health tests."

Troy has been taking hormone shots to prepare his body for the donation. He says they leave him feeling.

"A little tired, a little sore, but not too bad, like you're coming down with a cold."

But for Troy the reward of giving makes up for his slight discomfort.

"It's nice to know you can offer somebody hope."