Consumer Protection Week 2004

Most of you know what it's like to open an e-mail promising free money or vacations, and most of you know better than to respond to those e-mail scams, but there are hundreds of scams and less-than-reputable businesses vying for your attention and your bank account.

In an effort to make the public aware of these questionable businesses and scams, the Better Business Bureau is joining forces with federal, state and local agencies to kick off "Consumer Awareness Week 2004".

Here at WBKO, we're going to do our part to make sure the word gets out. Throughout the week, we'll be bringing you tips on how to avoid common scams and consumer traps, on everything from sweepstakes and e-mail scams, to tax advice and helpful hints about insurance and home improvements.

In the meantime, if you need more information about Consumer Protection Week immediately, log on to and click on the Consumer Protection Week link.

If there's a business or possible scam you'd like to report or check up on, you can call 781-8445.