Nashville Road Expansion

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Three sections of Nashville Road are about to undergo construction. The one that's set to begin first is from Campbell Lane to the Natcher Parkway.

According to officials at the Transportation Department, they have funds set up for 2005. They are hoping to begin construction there March 15. They will make it a five-lane road, with a center turning lane.

They are also doing a hazard-elimination program from Campbell Lane down to University Boulevard.

Keirsten Jaggers, of the KY Department of Transportation says, "It creates a bottleneck and I think they are looking at once we five lane that other section between Campbell Lane and Natcher Parkway then you're going to have that little segment that just two lanes. So they're trying to do something to take away the bottleneck."

The third section will run from the Natcher Parkway to Dillard Road. That project is slated for construction in 2007.