GM Recalls 127,000 Corvettes

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GM officials announced a major recall for Corvette models on Tuesday afternoon. The recall is in response to a potential problem with the electronic steering column.

Officials say they discovered the potential for a computer malfunction that would allow drivers to put the car in gear while the steering column is still locked during a comprehensive investigation.

Corvette models affected are:

  • Automatic transmission models from model years 1997-2000

  • Manual transmission models from model years 1997-2004

GM officials will begin sending out notices to Corvette owners in the 2nd quarter of this year, and expect the repair time for each vehicle to be less than a day. They say the potential problem does not extend to other vehicles in the GM fleet. This is the third recall issued by GM within the past week.

GM officials say they don't expect the recall to affect sales of the newly redesigned C-6 Corvette model.