BGPD to Receive Four Harley Motorcycles

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The Bowling Green Police Department will soon have four new one-of-a-kind patrol vehicles added to its fleet for a bargain-basement price. Local businessman Cornelius Martin has offered to lease the department four Police Model Harley Davidson motorcycles for $1 each for a year.

Police Chief Bill Waltrip says the new vehicles will allow officers greater mobility in parks and other areas where a normal cruiser might not be able to reach. Waltrip says he has already received an overwhelming response from officers interested in the motorcycle assignment, which will include two weeks of rigorous training and certification before the bikes go into service in early spring.

Martin says he got the idea after observing police departments in similar-size cities across the country and realizing that having police patrols on Harleys would also help raise the bikes' visibility in the area.

Chief Waltrip says he is grateful for Martin's "community spirit" and plans to make the assignment of officers to the bikes based on qualifications and seniority.