Cave City Petition

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Concerned citizens of Cave City are getting involved in the continuing controversy between City Council members and city employees.

Problems first began when the Cave City City Council took away police cell phones. The council said the cell phones were being used for things like dating services. City employees said the cell phones were never misused.

The City Council and city employees are also in opposition about the use of police vehicles.

The citizens of Cave City are now fearful for the future of the community. Jack and Barbara Mueller moved to Cave City from Wisconsin six years ago because of a job. They said they chose to live in Cave City because of the friendly people and its small atmosphere.
"It's a good place to live, you don't have the crime like you do everywhere else, you don't have the traffic," Barbara said.

Despite the great atmosphere the city gives off, many residents still fear for the future of their small town.

"I am very scared for the future of Cave City because this starts a big spiral," Jack said.

"We don't want to see it take the wrong direction. Cave City has a great potential. We would like the council to focus on today and the future and not dwelling on the past and destroying what has developed so far." Barbara said.

The Mueller's represent a group of Cave City residents who want to put a stop to what they feel isn't what's best for their community. The group put together a petition demanding the City Council change what they're doing.

"They wanted to show the city council that a sizable number, a majority of the citizens in this town did not agree with the actions the city council has taken," Jack said.

If nothing changes, the petition demands the City Council Members resign.

"If the current city council can not settle down and can not conduct themselves in a professional and responsible manor, I don't see any other option," Jack said.

WBKO contacted Mayor Bob Hunt and the Cave City City Council members, but they would not comment on the petition.

To view the online petition click here.