Fire Safety Tips Can Save Lives

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It has been less than a month since the Bardstown fire that tragically took the lives of 10 people. The State Fire Marshall has released tips for keeping your family safe from a house fire.

Not everyone has one...

"It's about 50/50 the ones who have been through our fire prevention program are usually really good about doing it. The kids will bug their parents to death about doing this, it's a really good thing, but really I'm not sure the general public is as aware of this as they need to be." says BGFD Captain Donnie Frye

...but everyone needs a plan in case of a fire.

"Have a place where you meet, that the kids are aware of, that way you know everyone is accounted for." Frye says

After you're out of danger, wait for firefighters to arrive.

Frye also says, "If you have pets and stuff inside don't risk going back into save them, we usually get there pretty quick in time to save your valuables."

Captain Donnie Frye says a lot of deadly fires occur at night when everyone is asleep. That's when everyday items can turn into deadly fire hazards.

"You know, you put your water heater in closets and the first thing they do is start storing things in that same closet. You want to leave a good clearance on your appliance, anything gas or electric."

In addition to having an escape plan, some other tips include, assisting infants and older people to safety. Have second floor escape routes in two story homes, and close doors to help slow the spread of fire. Regardless, the flames typically aren't the big killer in a house fire.

Frye says, "Smoke inhalation takes them long before the fire ever gets to them."

Frye also says it's not only important to have smoke alarms in your home to warn you of a fire, but to place them in well traveled areas where they will be heard if a fire does occur. According to State Fire Marshal, Rodney Raby, there are approximately 600 house fires in Kentucky every year.