"Shred Day"/ Identity Theft

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Identity theft is America's fastest growing crime.

This is why Kentucky Trust Bank and WBKO teamed up to bring the area "Shred Day".

It allowed people to bring their personal documents to be shredded.

"Anything that contains drivers license numbers, social security numbers, any account numbers, anything like that really needs to be shredded to protect their identity", says Kentucky Trust Bank worker Debbie Vance.

"The little shredders are time consuming so this is wonderful that they can bring their documents here and have them shredded", says Bowling Green resident Vicki Beckner.

Every minute around nineteen people become a victim of identity theft.

This crime is the number one concern among consumers.

It's why Bowling Green resident Sandy Obsoe has saved her important work documents over a period of time, and has now decided to shred them.

"You know, get rid of some important papers and things that you don't want anyone else to get ahold of. I think with everything going on nowadays with computers and so forth, that's enough to keep people's minds saying 'okay, I need to do something a little bit better", says Osboe.

With nearly ten million people a year falling victim to identity theft, on average it's costing them over six-thousand dollars.

That's why people today are being encouraged to shred rather than throw away.

Through his place of work, Bruce Wilkerson has been keeping old business records for years. He brought in more than a pickup load to be shredded. He says in all the time he's been shredding documents he's never had a problem with identity theft.

"We don't just throw them away. We destroy them so that personal information can't get out", says Wilkerson.

Osboe says she will continue to shred her documents as well so that she doesn't become a victim of this crime.

"It's kinda scary. I wouldn't want it to happen to me", says Osboe.

The following are a list of tips to protect yourself from becoming the victim of identity theft.

* Don't leave mail in your mailbox overnight and take mail you plan to send out to the post office.
* Shred or tear up unwanted documents.
* Never give personal information over the phone or Internet unless you initiated the contact.
* Check your credit report yearly to make sure it is accurate.

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