More Bike Trails For Bowling Green

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As you drive around Bowling Green, you may have noticed more places for people to ride bicycles.

In the past two years, the Greenways Commission has already installed a bike trail from Kereakis Park to the Kroger's on 31-W.

They have also added bike paths to existing roads like Chestnut Street.

The current bike trails in Warren County are already making an impact on citizens.

"Parents really appreciate having a place where them and their kids can get out and test their skills out on a bicycle, and maybe a tri-cycle. They're very popular with families," says Greenways Director Helen Siewers.

However, the current bike paths are made up of unfinished stretches and smaller looped trails.

Greenways is working on projects that would complete a current bike trail on Lovers Lane, create a bike trail that goes from Creason Drive up through Western Kentucky University's campus, and one that extends down Veteran's Memorial by Wal-Mart among other projects.

Siewers says these additions will create a safer way for bikers to pedal around the city.

"So you can decide, ' I think I want to go to the Riverwalk today, and you can start a loop and come back to where you began," she notes.

They also hope to extend the projects to allow cyclists a place to put their bikes while riding on city transit buses.

"That would give transit users the choice that maybe the took the bus to their destination and ride home," says Siewers.

Siewers says adding more shared-path roads will increase the number of people riding their bikes.

"It not only helps less-experienced cyclists gain some confidence riding the road, but it also reminds motorists to share the road with cyclists," she says.

Siewers says if the state approves the $1.2 million grant for these projects, they will begin next year and be completed by 2011.

To see the Greenway official website, click on the following link.