How To Get A Handicap Permit

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To park in a coveted handicapped parking spot legally your car must have a handicapped placard.

Evesta Brown is a supervisor at the Department of Motor Vehicle. She says, "The handicapped parking placard is available to customers that need them. It also requires a doctor's statement saying that they also need it."

There are two kinds of handicapped placards. The blue is a permanent placard that is good for six years and costs eight dollars. The red is a temporary placard that is good for six months and costs two dollars.

At the Department of Motor Vehicles, applicants can apply for either a temporary or permanent permit as long as they have this application signed by their physician.

Brown says, "We're not here to judge. If they have a doctor's statement we give them the permit."

But sometimes, people who are not disabled try to get hold of the parking placards. That's especially true for Western students.

Hudy Melky is the Director of Equal Opportunity and ADA Compliance at WKU. She says, "At the beginning of the semester we see a lot of freshmen. They don't know about our policy, and they have either a grandparent’s handicap permit or a relative's. And what we do is give them a ticket, verify the information and work with public safety."

And the Department of Motor Vehicles also has trouble with people illegally using the placards.

Brown says, "We do encourage the customers to lock their doors because they're often taken. People often steal them."

If police here in Bowling Green find a car without a placard, they can issue a ticket with a $50 fine or even have the car towed.