BG Aims to Keep Young Professionals

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Cities like Bowing Green are losing young professionals to bigger cities. About a year-and-a-half-ago the Workforce Committee of Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce reported complaints from local industries and businesses loosing their young employees.

One explanation is Generation X tends to settle in a community based on how much they like the community’s lifestyle, not the paycheck they will be earning.

Young professionals like Adam Yates, love Bowling Green.

“From the time that I lived in Bowling Green and it’s been about seven years, I’ve seen it steadily get better and better. For instances, concerts in the park ... we got several parks in Bowling Green where you can golf. The water park is another example. You can play Frisbee golf there. There is a lot of stuff if you wanna find it,” Yates said.

One local business man is seeing-to-it young people are hired to stay.

“I would rather hire somebody a little bit younger that can grown in our company stay with us a long time where it doesn’t look like we are having a lot of change over,” this business man said.

Mayor Walker said as a city they are making consistent effort to make sure Bowling Green has quality jobs over entry level jobs.

“If you look at the make up of a community, if you don’t have young people you’re really missing out on a large segment of your population. Really people who are recent graduates are the people who are going to be creating what Bowling Green is all about in the next several generations,” Mayor Walker said.

Graduates like Mandy Hicks are planning to stay. A Lexington-native, she sees Bowling Green as an opportunity to build a future.

“I think Bowling Green is starting to make a concerted effort towards our age group. I think they are still very much in the beginning stages,” Hicks said.

Young professionals like Adam and Mandy say they have the best of both worlds. Bigger cities like Nashville and Louisville are just a short drive on I-65.

If you are a young professional and would like to find more ways to network and get involved in Bowling Green, the Young Professionals of Bowling Green is hosting a networking event this Thursday, March 8, 2007 at 6:30 at the Holiday Inn Plaza.