Todd County Teacher Faces Rape Charges

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The Todd County Boys Soccer Coach charged with third degree rape against a 15-year-old girl finally has his day in court.

Ben Drummond is charged with having a sexual relationship with a female minor in his classroom, at his house, and in the girl's locker room back in 2004.

A jury was selected today and opening statements took place along with testimony of a Kentucky State Police Trooper.

The Commonwealth says they hope to prove that this is a real-life case of "Sex, Lies, and a Videotape" with an innocent girl at the the heart of the situation.

However the defense is contending that outside of the alleged victim's testimony, there is no meat to the county's case.

"The complainant's claim to hear today is that Ben Drummond had sex with her when she was fifteen years old. The law requires only her word to say that without any other evidence," said Drummond's attorney, Julie House during her opening statements.

The main issue of the first day testimony focused on what the girl told Kentucky State Police during two separate interviews back in 2006.

KSP Detective Jerry Harold told the jury that during his initial investigation of the incident, he found no physical evidence of sexual intercourse between Ben Drummond and the fifteen-year old girl.

He also testified that the girl told him and a Todd County school psychologist that she would illegally drive a car to see Drummond at his home on Chestnut Road in Guthrie.

Detective Harold said that the girl was able to draw the layout of the first floor of his home.

The defense disputed that claim by saying that Drummond's house hadn't been built yet in August of 2004.

The Commonwealth spent most of their time trying to prove there was enough evidence to prove "probable cause".

"Myself, along with Shameka Frasier was present at the time in the County Attorney's office. We went over the investigation at that point and felt that there was "probable cause" at the time and there was an arrest warrant issued and Mr. Drummond was picked up shortly after that," says Detective Harold on the witness stand.

Detective Harold also testified that they looked through the 15-year-old's phone records and found 3 calls on her cell from Drummond prior to May of 2004.

The alleged victim is scheduled to take the stand this week as well as the psychologist and Drummond.