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Sixty years ago Mae Dean Weaver met Raymond Brooks.

Mae Dean Weaver says, "Through my uncles, brought him up to Allen County. We were 16, he was 17, I was 16.

Raymond Brooks says, "She was a beautiful little lady. I thought she was real cute."

Mae Dean says, "I thought he was kinda handsome."

And when Raymond was called to serve his country they stayed in touch.

Mae Dean says, "We just stayed connected like that and through letters we wrote to each other when he was in the service."

Ramond kept a picture of Mae with him while he was overseas.

Raymond says, "I had it in my billfold and I never did take it out. I carried it all the way through."

But Mae met someone else and was married when Raymond returned from the war. Raymond also got married.

Mae says, "We were both in the same place after we were married and didn't recognize each other. And that's strange. I guess we just weren't supposed to."

After Raymond's wife passed away his sister suggested Mae call him in Indianapolis.

Mae says, "So she gave me his phone number and I waited 2 or 3 weeks and I'd think about calling. And then I'd think I told my grandkids Y'all are not supposed to call the guys- he's supposed to call you." But then I thought I'm gonna call him!"

They both distinctly remember that phone call.

Raymond says, "I was sitting there watching TV one night and the phone rang and she said you don't know who this is, and I said no I don't recognize the voice."

Mae says, "I said do you remember the stringy-haired girl that lived in Dogpatch? And he hollered out my name-MaeDean Weaver!"

After that...

Raymond says, "We got to calling one another every other day and then it wound up everyday. We'd just talk about everything."

On Raymond’s first visit back to Bowling Green.

Mae says, "When he turned around, I would have known him if he'd been in a crowd of people. His eyes."

Raymond says, "I never did forget about her. We weren't together that much, but something held us together."

Not long after that visit they started hearing wedding bells.

Raymond says, "Before I left I asked her if she would marry me, and she didn't turn me down. We've been happy ever since!"