Tornado Drill

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March marks Severe Weather Preparedness Month.

On March 6, 2007, you may have heard the severe weather warning sirens.

This time there wasn't anything to worry about because it was an annual tornado drill.

Bowling Green - Warren County Emergency Management said the drill took place to encourage schools, businesses and individuals to review their safety plans.

The members of the Student Technology Leadership Program at Moss Middle put together a video showing the other students what to do in case of a tornado.

"I think a lot of kids were more willing to get down and focus more on the drill this year than I've seen before. I know nobody was really kidding around because they know it really could happen in our area and it could really affect our lives," eighth grader, Claci Ayers said.

Ayers and one of the STLP sponsors, Stephanie Miller, said the tornado that killed eight high school students in Enterprise, Alabama showed the students the seriousness of the drill.

"They saw that there was an importance in being safe and knowing that the ceiling tiles are not secure necessarily up there and they could come down," Miller said.

The drill gave the teachers the opportunity to make sure everyone would be safe in the event of severe weather.

"There were a few spots that we noticed they're around glass, or we had too many students in one class and we had to rearrange a little bit," Miller said.

The students also knew exactly what to do when the sirens sounded.

"All of the kids automatically got down and covered their heads. You could tell there was more of a calm and we kind of knew what we were doing more because we got to see the video," Ayers said.

The members of STLP are hoping the video and the tornado drill will keep students safe when severe weather strikes.

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