Vettraino Agrees to 22-Year Sentence

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In 1996 Riccardo Vettraino was found guilty of murdering Julie Speakman and wounding her husband, John.

During the trial the defense claimed John Speakman had sexually molested Vettraino's girlfriend and when Vettraino confronted him about it gunfire erupted.

Vettraino was granted a new trial when the Kentucky Court of Appeals overturned his conviction. That's because a handgun in the house the night of the murder was not mentioned in the first trial.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007 in Warren Circuit Court, the prosecution and defense agreed Vettraino will plead "guilty" to murder and second degree assault. He will be sentenced to 22 years in prison March 16, 2007.

Vettraino will be eligible for parole after 11 years. Had his original life sentence stood, he would have been eligible for parole after 12 years.