Minor League Baseball Team Could Be Here in 2005

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A committee formed to explore the possibility of a minor league baseball team in Bowling Green says it will make a decision on whether or not the idea is financially feasible within 60-90 days.

"Play Ball '05," the organizing committee, is in the midst of a series of meetings to discuss plans, possible stadium sites and designs, and season ticket sales.

Rick Kelley, the committee's chairman, says a downtown baseball stadium would be a key building block in the city's efforts to revitalize the downtown area. According to Kelley, the committee must sell at least 2,000 season ticket packages (at between $500-$600 a pop) within the next 2-3 months to prove to baseball that Bowling Green could support a team.

The organizing committee would rely on bonds repaid by stadium revenue to build the ballpark and move an existing team here, at a cost of between $15-$20 million.