Expanding Retail Near Transpark

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If you live or travel by Louisville Road you may have noticed some new businesses in the area.

Irene Gardner, a Sonic manager, says, "We picked this location because some of our customers were asking about having a business on this side of town."

This time last year a trailer park occupied what is now a booming Sonic restaurant.

Gardner says, "This area, we have a lot of people far out. So a lot of people don't want to drive to the other side of town so it's a lot closer for other people."

The Transpark could be a major draw for other restaurants and businesses too.

Gardner says, "We're pretty excited anything that opens in this area will just mean more business for us."

Other retail businesses, like the Houchens on Louisville Road, are excited about the expansion from the Transpark.

Paul Konz, Houchens manager, says, "Obviously this whole area is growing- we've seen the sonic come in- we've seen other businesses that appear to be heading in this direction and with all the businesses coming this way we see a lot more customers."

And Konz says when there are new businesses in town they also have the opportunity to attract more catered events.

Konz says, "Multiple new businesses it's even more beneficial to have to basically cater to the new clientele to fit into their needs to the customer's and to the businesses in general."

With the success of these businesses and the promise of other new businesses the north side of town is rapidly picking up the pace.