Many Area Church Leaders React to Hollywood Movie

A new and controversial movie is taking the country by storm, and it hasn't even hit the box office yet.

While some are questioning its content, The Passion of the Christ is being embraced by many church leaders here in South-Central Kentucky as a good way to share their gospel message.

As an exception to the general rule, some pastors are booking out entire theaters for special screenings of the movie, others are buying blocks of tickets to make sure their church groups get in together.

And although some are questioning the graphic content of the movie, one local youth minister, Mike Cummings, of Greenwood Baptist Church, says the crucifixion was graphic. He says that's how the Romans intended for it to be, and it's a part of history that people need to see.

The Passion of the Christ opens in theaters nationwide on February 25th.

And right here in South-Central Kentucky, you can see the movie at the Great Escape in Bowling Green, or Highland 7 Cinema in Glasgow.

Church groups can call ahead for group bookings. Call 782-3224 for The Great Escape and 678-1613 for information at Highland 7 Cinema.