Parents As Teachers

The Parents As Teachers Program at The Family Enrichment Center, focuses on the belief that parents are a child's first and most influential teachers.

"The program is for any parent really. Now here at The Family Enrichment Center, we do target at risk parents which would be teen parents, single parents, those type of families," said Nickie Jones, the Director of Operations.

Through the program, a parent educator goes into the home to assess where their young children are developmentally and then teaches the parents the best way to work with their kids.

"It can be anything from colors, it can be writing," Jones said.

The educator encourages the parents to participate in their child's daily activities.

"What's kind of neat about it is parents are encouraged to do activities at home that do not require a lot of money. I mean, how to make the activities at home, so they can be prepared to help their child enter school," Jones said.

The families continuously receive guidance from their parent educator, who's also a parent.

"Somebody they can talk to, a person they can seek services from, or find out about resources in the community," Jones said.

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