Tornado Drills

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Tornado drills at Moss Middle School are serious business.

Teacher, Mark Curry says, "When the drill sounds, we go to the wall, we get down on our knees, tuck our heads kind of between our knees, and stay down until the all-clear is sounded."

This time of year, we are especially susceptible to thunderstorms and tornados. That's why the National Weather Service conducts the drills.

Assistant Principal of Moss Middle School, Lisa Hood says, "We just went over with the students yesterday and this morning about the importance of doing drills in case something happens."

The sirens here are called COWS. That stands for Community Outdoor Warning Systems. There is also an indoor warning system called CALVES. School officials at Moss were satisfied with the students reaction.

Curry says, "When the drill actually took place, they got to the wall quickly and did the things we asked them to do. They were quick to get down. They didn't like staying there for so long. But I think if the real thing were to happen, they'd be prepared."

And they say that the drills are extremely vital in the instance of real emergencies.

Hood says, "Oh, they are effective and they are very important, so if any emergency occurs you want to go through these drills to make sure they know what to do, and I think that it will help."