Hometown Hero: Brianna Trickey

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When most teenagers at the age of sixteen are dreaming of cars and enjoying their youth, this week’s Hometown Hero who is a Logan County High School senior, is dreaming of a quick recovery.

Brianna Trickey was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

"She's one of my heroes. I couldn't have sat with the doctors and I wouldn't have the patience,” said her brother, Stefan Trickey.

Through all the chemotherapy and radiation, family and friends have seen Brianna get stronger and stronger.

"She's put forth so much energy and the things she's doing is awesome. She's going to different churches and telling her story. She's really making a difference for people,” said family friend, Donna Cropper.

Brianna is currently the youth representative for Relay For Life for Logan County and is also raising money for the Ronald McDonald Home.

"Brianna is the type of person who has this inner-beauty about her and outer-beauty about her and she was determined to go on and do the things she wanted to do to pursue the things she loved and not let this diagnosis stop her,” said Tammy Tinsley, Relay for Life coordinator for Logan County .

Brianna said she's glad she's back at school and really missed her friends while she was away.

"I was scared at first but then I knew I had to stand up and be a rock for everyone and that's what I did,” Brianna said.

Brianna also said she plans to go to college after she graduates from high school and wants to be an oncologist.

She said she knew she always wanted to be in the medical field but after being diagnosed with cancer she decided she specifically wanted to help others with the disease.

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