Warren County May Add New Tax

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If you live in Warren County, get ready to open your wallet.

The fiscal court will vote Monday, March 12, 2007, whether to start charging you an insurance premium tax starting July 1, of this year.

That means the premiums you now pay for homeowner's insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, almost any insurance will be a little higher after July 1, 2007.

Judge-executive Mike Buchanon said the tax is needed to pay for mandated but unfunded projects required by the state and federal government.

Without the new tax, the county could come up $3,500,000 short of its budget. County officials expect the new tax to generate some $6,000,000.

The county's budget committee is recommending the tax, instead of having to eliminate or cut some services.

Magistrate "Doc" Kaelin said Bowling Green, Oakland, Smiths Grove, Woodburn and Plum Springs already have an insurance premium tax. In fact, he said almost every other county in the state of Kentucky already has one.