Leukemia Survivor Returns Home

Many of our viewers have heard the name Philip Schardein, a 24-year-old Bowling Green man who's been in the news quite a bit over the last few months as he fought fiercely to overcome leukemia. After months in a Houston hospital, Schardein is finally back home in Bowling Green.

Family and friends say it was due in large part to community support and prayers that they have Philip back home.

Thousands of people from across the state attended bone marrow drives in Philip's behalf. Although none of those people matched Philip, as many as 25 people matched current needs for bone marrow across the nation.

In the end, Philip was finally able to accept bone marrow from his sister.

Philip, his mother, Lisa Leachman, and his father, Don Schardein, arrived at the Bowling Green Warren County Regional Airport around 4:15 Tuesday afternoon to lots of big smiles, open arms, and admiring fans.