WKU Prepares Student for Spring Break

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When you hear of college spring break, you may think of sunny beaches, alcohol and low inhibitions. After all MTV’s show Spring Break is full of partying college students under the influence of alcohol and making decisions they wouldn’t normally make. Western Kentucky University is trying to protect its students from bad judgment calls.

Kathryn Steward has been with WKU Health Services for seven years.

“The stories are the same every year. There’s not more of this issue than that issue because alcohol and the sexual issues go hand in hand,” Steward said.

In an attempt to prepare students for not only travel but tough situations Western Kentucky University handed out 300 spring break kits this year.

“Things like toiletries, toothpaste, toothbrush, sunscreen, even things for safer sex,” Steward said. She also said they were gone in a matter of hours, extra supplies included.

“We’re not encouraging sex. We are accepting the fact it will happen,” Steward said.

Steward would like to hope some kits she’s given out over the years have kept the diseases some people think spring breakers bring back, at bay.

“A lot of people assume increase in STDs. That’s not true. It’s more about them being ill,” Steward said.

Behavior was top of mind for popular spring break destinations like Ft. Lauderdale. In a warning email to universities, the city expressed their zero tolerance policy against driving or public drunkenness.

Ft. Lauderdale isn’t trying to make a fun week difficult; they are trying to protect young spring breakers from getting into trouble.

As millions head to the beach, the Florida Department of Transportation wants to remind drivers they can drive safer by using the free 511 travel information service.

The number provides travelers with detailed, real-time information on traffic conditions, construction updates and severe weather alerts on all Florida’s interstate highways.

You can also log onto fl5.com for the same information.