Montgomery Gentry Named Kentucky "Entertainers of the Year"

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Music City, Nashville Tennessee, the city where struggling country music singers dream of making it big and two good old Kentucky boys are living that dream.

Montgomery Gentry's Eddie Montgomery says, "I am very, very, very proud to be from Kentucky, the Bluegrass State. It is my home and it always will be."

Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry, better known as Montgomery Gentry, are one of country music's hottest duos.

Thursday, February 19, they will be honored by the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame with the prestigious "Entertainer of the Year" award. They credit their Kentucky roots to their success.

Montgomery Gentry's Troy Gentry says, "Kentucky means a lot as far as country music roots, musical roots in Kentucky, not only in country music, but Appalachian music and folk, as well as a little bit of rock. Music was a big part of my life growing up in Kentucky, and Kentucky will always be a part of me, regardless of where I am or where I'm traveling."

Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry are also making quite an impression on Nashville. The country music duo is showing their tried and true Kentucky roots are proving their way all over the country

Montgomery Gentry fan says, "Eddie and Troy come in to Tootsies quite often. They're very nice. They're always pretty-they're very down to Earth, and they always get up and sing a couple of songs and drink a couple of shots of Jim Beam, of course!"

They say their new celebrity status isn't affecting them.

Troy Gentry says, "I don't think we've ever left our roots since we've achieved the success we've had as far as Montgomery Gentry. We still put our pants on the same way. We still shop at the local Wal-Marts. Like to get out and have a good time with our friends and family."

Eddie Montgomery says, "Country boy from Kentucky. You got it. What you see is what you get."

And for two country boys from Kentucky, Montgomery Gentry are seeing all their dreams come true. Their new video called "If You Ever Stop Loving Me" is being released February 18. Their new CD "Do Your Thing" comes out May 18.