Taxes Could Raise in Warren County

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Warren County residents may soon see a tax increase. Judge Executive Mike Buchanon said the county may see a deficit of more than three million dollars in the 2007- 2008 fiscal year. A special Budget, Finance and Revenue Committee was formed to address the issue and come up with a solution for the deficit.

After looking at a few different options to combat the 3.5 million dollar deficit, a committee has recommended an insurance premium tax for Warren County.

The budget committee, made up of Magistrates, Doc Kaelin, Richard Morgan, and Robert Donoho, as well as County Treasurer, Jerry Pearson and Deputy Judge Executive, Marie Smith decided it would be irresponsible and could be unsafe to cut funding to county services like the jail and sheriff's department.

Judge executive Mike Buchanon agrees...

"In every case, that cutting the programs further, was not fair to the citizens of Warren County." says Buchanon

Buchanon says Warren County currently has the lowest tax burden of any county in Kentucky, but regardless citizens aren't going to want tax increases.

Buchanon says, "Even though Warren County has the lowest tax burden, out of 120 counties, you cannot tell someone, that they don't pay enough taxes."

He says the 3.5 million dollar deficit isn't from waste in county government. Buchanon says the deficit is a result of mandated but unfunded projects from the state and federal governments, which the county is required to pay for. Buchanon says even though a tax increase is recommended by the committee, it is ultimately up to the fiscal court to decide.