Prison Workers Getting HIV Training

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Jail officials in a western Kentucky county aren't waiting for state legislators to decide whether prison inmates throughout the state should receive H-I-V-testing.

Officials at the Daviess County Detention Center have opted to begin H-I-V-testing for all inmates while also training prison employees on how to administer test results and help inmates modify their behavior to avoid contracting the virus.

Jailer David Osborne says the testing, which is provided free of charge by the Daviess County Health Center, helps the prison and the surrounding community in a number of ways.

By letting the inmates know their status, Osborne believes inmates will take better care of themselves and avoid situations where they could be infected, a move that would also save taxpayers money. It can cost up to $2,700 a month to medically treat an HIV-positive inmate.

Training prison employees on how to tell inmates their HIV-status also saves the prison the cost of transporting the inmates to a health care facility to learn their test results.