Young Organ Donor

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The enquistive young Jon Clark came home just to ask a simple question and his parents never realizing how real his question would become and just how soon.

"When he got his driver's lisence of course he was estatic. He came home and turned it over and said what does this mean to be an organ donor and I explained it to him and he said it would be silly not to do that why wouldn't you be an organ donor", says Jon's mother, Linda Clark

Jon made the commitment right then and there.

As Jon traveled home late one evening from the University of Kentucky where he had just began his freshman year he was involved in a tragic automobile accident leaving him brain dead.
From Linda and Bobby Clark's loss another man was given a second chance at life.

"The man who recieved Jon's heart actually lives in Louisville, Kentucky and we met him probabley eight months after the transplant took place and it was all I can describe to you as a spiritual experience actually placing our hands on his chest and feeling that heart", says Clark.

Linda and Bobby say the days don't get any easier but knowing seven indiduals are alive who might not have been if it wasn't for their tragedy keeps them getting up every morning to see the sun rise.

"Everydays a gift, everyday's a gift and none of us know what decisions we may have to make today or tommorrow", says Clark.

Linda says the best thing you can do is sign your donor card. She also says discussing your decision with a family member helps the family's process once the decision has to be made.